“Innovation Driven by Social Needs.” ~ Omron

“Sensing Life. Thinking Future.” ~ Omron

When you bring the WORLD’S FIRST robotic table tennis instructor, FORPHEUS, to CES, you’re going to draw a crowd!

A table-tennis playing robot is “cool”; what’s cooler is what it teaches.

Omron’s technologies have long been a staple of industrial automation.

Of course Omron had a roving robotic recruiter at CES as well!

A “collision-free car”

“Going for Zero”

“Generation Zero”

A “pioneer in creating inspired solutions for the future.” ~ Omron

Technology to enhance the efficiency of renewable energy generation and usage.

“Innovation Driven by Social Needs.”



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Glen Gilmore

Glen Gilmore


FORBES Top 20 Social Media Influencer | TIME “man of action” | Former Mayor |Educator | Strategist | Author | Attorney | Futurist