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Omron’s EVOLV is literally about the size of an average coffee mug!

How easy is EVOLV to set up? To use? To carry around. I’m learning. And I’m even having fun doing it!

  • It’s compact: about the size of a coffee mug, EVOLV fits into the palm of your hand.
  • It’s very lightweight.
  • It costs less than $100.
  • There are no activation fees.
  • There are no maintenance fees.
  • There are “four easy steps” (really) to setting up the device and getting your reading.
These are the “4 Easy Steps” to setting up EVOLV — my kind of directions!
  • The device is sleek: it has no dangling wires or gauges to set or read. (Which is nice as I plan to bring it on an upcoming business trip to China and on another to London!)
  • It has only two buttons.
  • You don’t pump anything: press the “start” button and the device self-inflates; it stops when it has a reading. (It comes with four, easy-to-install batteries.)
  • It’s as accurate as a clinical blood pressure monitor.

I hope you’ll stay connected with me on my journey deeper into “connected health”!



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